How to Grow Your Hair: Healthy Hair Growth Tips

How to Grow Your Hair

Whether you’re desperate to grow out the bangs you’re certain were a mistake or just eager to have a new longer, lusher look, we’ve all found ourselves eagerly willing our hair to just grow already at some point in our lives. 

We know you’ve wondered how to grow your hair, but the truth is, hair length is determined by so many factors, both genetic and environmental. While there is no magic formula to teach you how to grow your hair longer, thicker or faster, there are things you can do to help encourage healthy hair growth while also holding onto the strands you have. 

How to Grow Your Hair

How to Grow Your Hair Longer, Stronger and Faster

Trim it up. 

It seems counterintuitive, but if you want your hair to grow, cutting it can help. 

Freeing your hair of dead, split ends give healthy strands an opportunity to grow while preventing further splitting that can often be caused by damaged hair.

Schedule regular visits to your salon for trims to maintain length and a healthy environment to encourage growth. 

Nourish from the inside out.

What you put in your body is just as important as what you put in your hair when it comes to keeping it healthy and encouraging growth. 

Generally eating a nutrient rich diet and hydrating is going to be great for your body, skin and hair alike.

If you want to focus in on hair health, be sure you’re also choosing healthy foods rich in omega-3s (think salmon, tuna, walnuts and healthy oils) since these are healthy fats that can help nourish your hair at the follicle. 

And don’t forget the water. Hydration is key to overall health and wellness. 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. 

We cannot stress enough how important water and proper overall hydration are to the health of your hair. 

Make sure you drink plenty of water each day and keep your mane hydrated by using moisture rich products like Paul Mitchell’s Hydrate line. Add Paul Mitchell’s Super Charged Treatment once a week for a more intense dose of moisture. 

Care for your scalp. 

Don’t forget that your scalp is an important part of the hair heath equation too – remember, healthy hair has to grow from a healthy scalp. 

Whether you’re wanting to grow longer locks, increase hair density or prevent hair loss and thinning, making sure your scalp is in optimum health will support your efforts. 

Be gentle when brushing, keep it moisturized and treat your scalp to a massage from time to time to stimulate growth. 

We also recommend the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special line. The soothing tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender your scalp will feel invigorated and fresh.

Turn down the heat. 

Not only does excessive heat lead to breakage and damage, it can also wreak havoc on your scalp, especially during dryer wintry months. 

When possible, use a heatless drying option and be sure to use a heat protectant when heat is required. 

 Need help learning how to grow your hair?

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