Hair Masks: 5 Things to Know About How and Why You Need to Use Them

Hair masks are a great way to restore moisture and softness to your hair. 

They may even add a brightness boost when your hair has taken on a dull sheen. 

Whether your hair is struggling with dryness, damage or just needs a bit of a healthful boost, hair masks can and should be a part of your general hair care regimen. 

If you’re new to using hair masks, here are some things you may not know about how and why they’re such a vibe for so many of us. 

hair masks

Every hair type can benefit from a hair mask. 

Hair masks aren’t just a solution to what ails your hair, they can also be preventive and nourishing for hair that’s already thriving. 

And all hair types can benefit from them. 

Because hair masks provide your hair with a boost of nutrients, using them regularly can help strengthen hair and add a bit of shine to your locks. 

If your hair is struggling with issues like frizz, breakage and other damage, hair masks are a great way to address those issues. 

Hair masks are especially important though if you’re struggling with damage. 

Because hair masks made with quality ingredients provide strengthening to prevent further breakage, using them when your hair is on the struggle bus can be integral to turning things around. 

Need one to try?

Check out Paul Mitchell’s Lavender Mint Deep Conditioning Mineral Hair Mask. Bursting with restorative minerals, this deep conditioning hair mask helps strengthen and hydrate strands.

You should use a hair mask weekly. 

People often approach their hair mask game like a special treat, but using them once or twice a week is a better practice for most hair types. 

Just swap out your conditioner and use a hair mask instead a couple times a week to take advantage of their deeper restorative properties. 

You can sleep in them. 

Many hair masks work even better with extra time. 

Put it in before bed, wrap your hair to protect your sleeping surface and rise and shine to stronger, more nourished hair! 

You need hair masks even more in the winter. 

We all know the havoc cold, dry hair can wreak on our hair and skin. 

Being diligent in your hair mask application can help keep your locks more hydrated and happy through the colder, harsher months. 

Need some guidance?

Be sure you ask your stylist for recommendations on your next visit. 


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