Hair Care Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

hair care mistakes you need to stop making

We all have our own hair care routines we’re super committed to, but did you know some of those tried and true practices might be the cause of your hair woes?

It’s challenging to stay on top of all of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to your hair, and we’ve all made hair care mistakes along the way, but we’re here to rescue you from yourself at Noir et Blanc!

Check out these common hair care mistakes you need to stop making to help your hair be it’s most healthy and beautiful this year!

hair care mistakes you need to stop making

Hair Care Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Skipping your regularly scheduled trims. 

Skipping regular trims is one of those hair care mistakes we’ve all fallen victim to.

We get it.

We know you want to reach your length goals, but here’s what’s true: you have to cut off the old to make way for the new! 

Getting regular trims prevents split ends which often lead to tangles and breakage. When you remove the damaged sections of your hair, you encourage healthy growth. 

So, don’t skimp on the trims! 

Speak to your stylist about how long you should go between trims, but in general, once every eight weeks to three months, depending on your hair, is a good time to check in with your favorite hair care expert and see if it’s trimming time. 

Cutting and coloring your own hair. 

We know, making time to head to the salon can be challenging and expensive, but this is one of those hair care mistakes that’s completely avoidable. Consider it self-care and TREAT YOURSELF! 

Using the wrong tools, products and techniques can cause unnecessary damage to your hair and result in all sorts of avoidable challenges. 

At the end of the day, people often wind up spending more time and money – not to mention heartache! – fixing the issue their DIY hair job did than they would’ve if they’d just come into the salon.  

Leave your haircuts to the experts, we promise we’ll take care of you!

Sleeping on a Cotton Pillow Case

It’s true, you can hurt your hair while you’re doing nothing more than sleeping! 

Cotton is a rough material and the friction caused by sleeping on a cotton pillow case can damage your hair leaving your tresses frizzy and unmanageable. 

If you want to prevent unruly flyaways and keep your hair tamer and more healthy, switch to a silk or satin pillowcase. Silk and satin both provide a smoother sleep surface that won’t tug and pull on your hair. 

Added bonus: satin and silk sleeping surfaces are better for your skin too!

Did you know we sell some satin hair products right in the salon?

Washing too Often

We love the smell of freshly washed hair as much as the next gal, but over washing your hair can be damaging. 

Over washing strips your scalp of healthy oils and causes your hair to become dry and brittle. 

Try to put a little time between your shampoos if you can. 

Some people, especially those with coarse or curly hair, like to use a cowash like Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Cowash

This cleansing conditioner was created to help nourish and hydrate hair in between regular shampoo routines. The creamy, non-lathering formula gently cleanses the scalp while helping to replenish essential moisture with monoi, pequi and jojoba oils. It helps detangle, fight frizz and add shine while locking in natural oils. 

Cheaping Out on Your Products

Contrary to popular belief, all products are NOT created equal. 

It’s a classic situation of “you get what you pay for” because quality, good for you ingredients cost more. 

Professional products are often more concentrated and gentler for your hair and skin because they tend to use fewer chemicals and better ingredients. For those who color their hair, salon products are usually also better at maintaining color because their ingredients don’t strip the hair as much. 

Higher quality products also tend to be made more sustainably making them not only better for your hair but better for the earth too! 

Curious about what other hair care mistakes you could be making? 

Be sure to ask your stylist for guidance at your next visit to Noir et Blanc Salon.

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